The General Regulation of the online shop “NR AUTO Baltics”


Glossary of the General Regulation

Seller  Limited Liability Company “HAUBE”. Unique registration № 40103569340. Legal address: Finiera iela 17 – 18, Rīga, LV-1016. Phone number: +371 220 300 70. E-mail: Homepage:;

Consumer — a phisical person, who buys, wish to buy or could buy or use a product/service for purposes other than economic and professional activities;

Customer – a person, who make purchases in the online shop of the seller. A consumer and a person, who is not a consumer, can be considered customer; 

Product – any thing, which is offered or sold by the seller through this website;

Manufacturer – a person, who produces or repairs a product for sale as a part of his economic or professional activities and labels a product, its package or its technical passport with the name of his company, first and last names, trademark or other identification mark;

Legal acts – Regulation No. 255 of the Cabinet, adopted 20 May 2014: “Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts”, Consumer Rights Protection Law, the Civil Law, the Commercial Law and other legally binding regulatory instruments;

Guarantee (Warranty) – assurance by the manufacturer, seller or supplier that a product, service or its part will retain properties of usage, safety and performance for a certain period of time;

Terms of use – instructions of manufacturer or seller, which are supposed to be respected in order to keep product’s properties of usage, quality and to prevent any threat to property, health, life of the consumer and environment;

Prices indicated in online shop final prices, which include taxes and duties, for which seller sells products in this online shop;

Website seller’s website “”;

Parties – seller and customer;


1.   General Regulation

1.1.       This Regulation specifies legal relationship between the buyer and the seller;

1.2.       Before starting using the website, please study this regulation carefully;

1.3.       By starting using the website, the user agrees to respect this Regulation;

1.4.       The seller has the right to change, complement or delete information on the website partially or totally without prior notice;

1.5.       Description and picture of a product can slightly differ from the offered product.


2.   Exercise of the right to refuse

2.1.     Consumer can use the right to refuse and unilaterally refuse from the product within 14 days, covering the costs according to the Legal acts;

2.2.      It is a duty of the consumer to return the product to the seller or service provider within the period of 14 days after sending notification of refuse from the product;

2.3.     The term of use of the right to refuse is considered from the date of delivery of the product - if the product is ordered, from the date of the last delivery of the product - if several products are included in the order, from the date of delivery of the last batch or part - if the delivery is carried out by parts;

2.4.     Using the right to refuse, the Consumer can return the product to the Seller, if the Product is fully equipped, is in the original and unspoiled package, and also the product itself is not spoiled and not used. Otherwise, the Seller reserves the right not to accept the product back;

2.5.     The consumer is responsible for reducing the value of the product or using it unscrupulously, if during the period of the right to refuse, the product were used, exceeding the boundaries necessary to verify its properties and type;

2.6.   The consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and sustainability of the product during the implementation of the right to refuse. Therefore, observing the essence of the right to refuse - to enable the Consumer to evaluate the obligations emerging from the contract, including comparing the quality of the offer and the price with other offers, during the period of realization of the right to refuse. The consumer needs to use the product as a good and conscientious owner;

2.7.    The consumer can not use the right to refuse if the product was manufactured according to the instructions of the Consumer or the product is undoubtedly personalized, if the product quickly deteriorate or the shelf life expires soon, if the Consumer has opened the packaging of the product, which for reasons of health or hygiene can not be given back, because of its properties after the delivery, it was irrevocably mixed with other things, etc.;

2.8.       Use of the right to refuse means that the Consumer is obliged to send a message about refusal to the seller and send the product back;

2.9.      To report a refusal, the Consumer may use the form provided by the Seller, which is available on the online shop’s website, or send a message about the refusal to e-mail, in which the Consumer necessarily indicates:

2.9.1.      Addressee (name, actual address, phone number, and e-mail of the seller);

2.9.2.      I inform that I want to refuse from this purchased product;

2.9.3.      Date of the order / date of receipt;

2.9.4.      First name and last name of the consumer;

2.9.5.      Address of the consumer;

2.9.6.      Customer's signature (only if the form is sent in paper form);

2.9.7.      Date.

2.10.   The consumer needs to deliver the returned product to the address: Finiera ielā 17 - 18, Rīgā, LV-1016;

2.11.   The Seller shall pay to the consumer his paid money, including the cost of delivery paid for by the consumer not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the day when he received information about the Consumer's decision to withdraw from the contract, if all the clauses in Part 2 "Exercise of the right to refuse" were taken into account. Consumer's paid money will be returned in the original method of purchase.


3.    Guarantee (Warranty)

3.1.      All Products have a guarantee of the manufacturer. The guarantee period is determined by the manufacturer of the Product. The guarantee is in effect from the date of purchase;

3.2.       The day of purchase of the goods is the day when the seller handed over the product and the customer accepted it;

3.3.       The customer has the right to file a request to the Seller within 3 (three) working days during the guarantee period specified by the manufacturer (watch the guarantee documents) after the date when the defect in the product is ascertained;

3.4.       The application is considered in accordance with the conditions specified in the guarantee document;

3.5.       The manufacturer of the product can specify the guarantee period in the form of wearout (working hours etc.);

3.6.     In accordance with the terms of the guarantee, the guarantee does not work if the defect of the product is associated with its wearout. The following goods are related to wearout:


Is paid by the customer 

Warranty service (24 months)

Brake pads and handbrake

In the case of wear and tear 

In the case of defect of the material (mileage to 20 000 km)

Brake discs 

In the case of wear and tear or overheating

In the case of defect of the material

Clutch cover, clutch discs and flywheel

In the case of wear and tear or overheating

In the case of defect of material

Windscreen wipers (front and rear glass, parking lights, headlights) 

In the case of wear and tear or overheating

In the case of defect of material to 5 000 km or 3 months

Toothed belt

In the case of wear and tear

In the case of defect of material


3.7.  Guarantee conditions are not valid if:

3.7.1.      The Product’s warranty seal and / or serial number is damaged, or the Customer has tried to solve the problems on his/her own;

3.7.2.      Damage was caused by natural hazards (flood, hurricane, lightning, fire and other force majeure circumstances);

3.7.3.     Non-standard spare parts or consumables (oil, filter, etc.) that the manufacturer did not certify or which are not intended for use with a specific Product, resulting in damage to the Product, were used;

3.7.4.    The damage was caused by the nonconformity with the manufacturer's specified standards of voltage (power supply), telecommunications, network cables, due to sudden temperature changes, as well as due to the effect of everyday and external factors (dust, dampness);

3.7.5.      The damage was caused by a traffic accident;

3.7.6.      The damage was caused by careless usage of the Product;

3.7.7.      Damage in the fuel supply system and in the exhaust system of the vehicle due to the use of non-quality fuel;

3.7.8.      Damage to the suspension or steering mechanism due to careless driving on an uneven road or due to impact loads on vehicle parts;

3.7.9.      There is noise in the brakes (creak, hum);

3.7.10.  There are external damages in the glass or the housing lighting;

3.7.11.  There was no regular maintenance (applies to those Products that need it);

3.7.12.  The product was used for other purposes, and not for those for which it was intended;

3.7.13.  The product is installed independently or without appropriate equipment.

3.8.  Product that does not have a guarantee:

3.8.1.      Connectors and plaits;

3.8.2.      Wire connectors, nuts;

3.8.3.      Auto aerosols;

3.8.4.      Sealants;

3.8.5.      Auto and motor cosmetics;

3.8.6.      Adhesives and insulation tapes;

3.8.7.      Auto bulbs and nests of bulbs;

3.8.8.      Repair materials of tires;

3.8.9.      and for other products, if the damage to the product is due to its deterioration in accordance with paragraph 4.4. of this Regulation.

3.9.  Products for which the guarantee is not considered in the case, when the Product is removed from the car and the official conclusion of the service center about the inefficiency of the Products and its causes is not available on the enterprise letterhead:

3.9.1. Shock absorbers;

3.9.2. Electrical parts;

3.9.3. Semiaxial joints;

3.9.4. Clutch.

3.10. The buyer has the right to receive guarantee service of the Products only if the Product in the vehicle is installed in the auto service, which the Seller recommends, and observing all the requirements of the manufacturer;

3.11.  When submitting an application to the manufacturer or the Seller about a defect of the Product, the Consumer adds is expected to add a copy of the document which confirms the transaction to the application, as well as relevant documentation, which confirms the factory defect. The application form must be sent to e-mail;

3.11.1.  In the documentation that confirms the factory defect of the detail must be the following information:       State registration number of the vehicle;       First and second names of the owner;       Vehicle brand, engine type;       Executed installation works of a particular component and their cost;       Vehicle identification number - VIN code;       Payment documents that confirm the payment for services (a copy of the cashier's check);       Conclusion of the service on the letterhead of the company about the reasons for the inoperability of the Product.

3.12.  The Consumer's application will be considered within 7 working days from the moment of receipt of the application. A response to the application will be sent to the e-mail specified by the customer. If the petition is recognized as not justified and the Customer disagrees with this, then he/she has the right to exercise other rights defined in the Legal acts;

3.13.   The seller exchanges the Product, whose damage or defect was caused by the fault of the manufacturer, or returns the paid money.

3.14.  In the case when, as a result of the expertise, it is discovered that the defects of the Product did not arise due to the fault of the Seller or the manufacturer, the costs of the expertise must be covered by the Customer;

3.15.   Lack of any documents mentioned in 4.9. paragraph of this Regulation and / or guarantee documents and / or inadequate and / or incorrect filling may be the reason for refusal to consider the guarantee case;

3.16.   In the case of a dispute between the Seller and the Customer about the reasons for the damage to the Product, the Customer has the right to make an inspection (expertise) of the quality of the Product. If, as a result of the inspection (expertise) of the quality of the Product, it is ascertained that the Product have deteriorated not because of hidden defects, but due to any other reasons, for which the seller does not respond, then the Product will be returned to the Customer. All costs that are associated with the quality control of the Product are paid by the Customer.


4.   Process of delivery

4.1.  The seller delivers the Product ordered by the Customer in accordance with the selected type of delivery:

4.1.1.      delivery with OMNIVA (SIA "Omniva", Reg. No. 40103527192):    type of delivery is available in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia;    delivery is carried out to the specified address of the OMNIVA parcel machine when making the order;    delivery time is from 1 to 5 working days.

4.1.2.      delivery with the Latvia Post / Express Mail Service (EMS) / Baltic Express (VAS "Latvijas Pasts", Reg.No. 40003052790):    this type of delivery is available in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands;    delivery is carried out to the specified address of the local post office / to the specified address when placing an order;    delivery time is from 4 to 25 working days.

4.1.3.      delivery with DPD Latvija (SIA "DPD Latvija", Reg.No. 40003393255):    type of delivery is available in Latvia;    delivery is carried out to the specified address, when placing the order;    delivery time is from 1 to 3 working days.

4.1.4.      delivery by courier in Riga and Jūrmala:    this type of delivery is available in Riga and Jūrmala;    delivery is carried out to the address specified when placing the order;    the delivery time is from 1 to 2 working days.

4.1.5.      receiving the ordered Product at the issuance point:    this type of delivery is available in Riga;    delivery of the product: at the address Pilsoņu iela 2, Rīgā, Latvijā, LV-1002 or Tvaika iela 3, Rīgā, Latvijā, LV-1005;    the delivery time is from 1 to 2 working days.

4.2.  The delivery time can be changed only if the ordered product is not currently available or due to other unforeseen circumstances;

4.3.  In the cases of 4.2. of the present Regulation, the Seller informs the Customer about the possible delivery dates;

4.4.  The customer has the right to refuse the order and get paid back in case of 5.2. paragraph of this Regulation, if the Product has not yet been sent, or in accordance with paragraph 2 "Exercise of the right to refuse" of the Regulation;

4.5.  Prices of different delivery methods indicated in 4.1. paragraph of this Regulation are published on the website. They can be changed at any time without warning.

4.6. Batteries can't be delivered by the delivery method specified in 4.1.1., 4.1.2., 4.1.3. paragraph of this Regulation.


5.   Payment

5.1.  Payment for the Product should be in accordance with the currency selected by the customer - EUR.

5.2.  Payment for the Product is possible in one of the following ways:

5.2.1.      non-cash transfer using a Visa or MasterCard payment card;

5.2.2.      non-cash bank transfer;

5.2.3.      cash payment after choosing the delivery method specified in 4.1.4. paragraph or in 4.1.5. paragraph of this Regulation.

5.3.  The customer chooses the payment method at the time of placing the order.


Dispute settlement

Legislative acts of the Republic of Latvia shall apply to legal relations, not regulated by this Regulation.

Delivery Methods

Payment Methods